On Tuesday my son Jon celebrates his eighteenth birthday. It’s a proud moment when I buy him his first legal pint, although I suspect it will taste strangely familiar… We’ll be celebrating with his girlfriend Heather, family and friends in Brighton as he lives across the Channel in Sussex.

Jon’s been through a lot in his life especially dealing with the loss of some peripheral vision caused by a benign brain tumour which regrew after a couple of years. He bravely went through two tough operations and radiotheraphy and will have to take medication for the rest of his life. A number of fundraising events were held here in Guernsey and islanders were very generous helping out with the costs involved for us going up to St. George’s Hospital in London. Touch wood, all’s now going much better for him health-wise.

I’m immensely proud of Jon and, depending on his exam results, he would like to study to become an architect. Whatever he does I will always be proud of the way he’s handled things that luckily most people will never have to face. I always look forward to catching up on his news and plans. Jon has trained as a lifeguard and has good a holiday job looking after water sports on the beach five minutes walk from his home. An idea job for him! He also helps out with promotional events for Splash FM and other radio stations in their group around the south. Radio runs in the blood with the Hardings. He also always makes a telephone appearance with Carl and Lou on their Christmas Day show on Island FM…

Buon jour de neissace Jon!




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