This evening is one of the great Guernsey traditions. The Old Market, or La Viaer Marchi in Guernsey French, is organised every year by the National Trust of Guernsey. I usually manage to make it to Saumarez Park where you can watch traditional island dancing in costume including top hats and tails for the men and bounnets (bonnets) for the women, La Guaine du Vouest (The Gang of the West) performs traditional songs in Guernsey French, there are sea shanties from GU10 and that’s just a taste of the entertainment. Next comes food including Bean Jar, an old Guernsey dish usually made from pork but sometimes beef or veggie with haricot beans (Jersey has it’s own version called Bean Crock), there’s Gache pronounced ‘gosh’ a kind of fruit cake and local Rocquettes Cider. You can watch demonstrations of traditional crafts like making wicker crabpots, visit all sorts of stalls and even view the local livestock! You always run in to plenty of people you know, most of whom go every year and it’s a prelude to the South, West and North Shows and no there isn’t an East Show…For something 100% Guernsey it has to be La Viaer Marchi.


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